Watch a video update from Pastor Jason and read the letter for more details regarding our reopening plans.

Details for service signups will be posted the Monday prior to our Sunday services.


Harvest Church Family,

As you are aware, last Wednesday afternoon the Wisconsin Supreme Court struck down the Safer at Home order, essentially reopening the state of Wisconsin.

The question for us as a church is, “When can we safely and responsibly resume in-person gatherings?” The Pastoral staff and Elders have been working very hard to gather data and put together a plan to answer that question.

We often talk about our call to Love God and Love Others. This is our opportunity to love others well. The world is watching how the church responds, and we want our response to be full of understanding and full of love. We feel a responsibility to do our part, within reason, to not further the spread of this virus.

At this time, we are planning on having our first live services together on Sunday June 7.

We will be implementing social distancing guidelines to help keep us safe as we worship. We will have shortened services with singing and a message. There will not be a greeting time or offering taken. We will not be providing nursery, Kidz church or any kind of fellowship time.

As we begin to meet again, we will limit the amount of people in the worship center. Our plan is to have an overflow video venue in the gym. We will have an online signup process and you will have to register your family for the service of your choice. Details regarding the registration process will be provided soon.

As we return to live services, we will have services at the following times:

Sunday at 8:00 AM. These services will require a mask to be worn. Please note that our staff and leaders will remove their masks as they are talking or leading from the stage.

Sunday 9:30 AM. Our 9:30 services will be mask optional.
Sunday 11:00 AM. Uncion Fresca, our Spanish service will worship together in the gym. Masks will be required for this service.

We understand that not everyone will be comfortable returning to worship at this time. We will livestream the services and encourage you to worship from home if you are uncomfortable joining us, feeling ill or have been recently exposed to Covid 19.

We know there are people who feel strongly that we should reopen today. We also know that there are some who won’t return for several more months, if ever, because they or someone they love is more vulnerable to this virus. They may see a quick reopening as irresponsible. We risk disappointing many people no matter what we decide. We ask that you have grace and understanding for both ends of this sentiment. Those who want to meet immediately are not more

spiritual or less wise. Those who want to stay home for awhile are not more wise or less spiritual. It’s going to be a personal decision, and we respect both sentiments.

We miss you deeply, and look forward to seeing you again! As we prepare and begin to meet in a restricted manor, let’s be patient with each other. Let’s be respectful of all people. And let’s pray that people would be drawn to Jesus through this crisis.

See you soon!
The Elders and Pastors of Harvest