13 Campaign

5 Stones is in the middle of a campaign to raise awareness of the problem of human trafficking in the US and around the world.  Check out the following information.

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Harvest is teaming up with 5 stones – an organization where individuals are coming together to fight against the social injustice of sex trafficking in Wisconsin and the US. We currently have a branch in Appleton, WI and Madison, WI. Each team is led by one of the founders of 5-stones (Connie in Appleton, Ben in Madison).

Download the 5-Stones brochure: 5-stones brochure

5-stones brochure

Our Vision is to “Fight the giant of sex trafficking in WI” 

To accomplish this, we have 5 main strategies:

Currently, some projects that we are working on include:

  • A WI-based documentary that exposes both sex and labor trafficking that is happening right here in Wisconsin.
  • A rehabilitation school in Appleton, WI for individuals who are prosecuted for aquiring the services of a prostitute or victim of sex trafficking.

Some of our long term goals include:

  • A shelter in WI strictly for victims of sex trafficking that meet their specific needs and can help them holistically in the ways that fit them.
  • A fully-functioning branch of 5-stones in at leaset each of the 5 major areas where sex trafficking affects WI: Fox Valley (completed), Madison (in process), Milwaukee (laying foundation), Twin Cities, and Chicago.

For more information contact Tracy at (920)344-0971