Harvest, a member of the Evangelical Free Church of America, is one of approximately 1500 autonomous churches across the U.S. that are united together by mutual commitment to Jesus with the guidance of the Holy Spirit in accordance to the teaching of the Bible.  We join together to accomplish what we could not accomplish alone – a global mission that supports over 600 career missionaries on 42 mission fields, two four-year universities, a world-class seminary, a Christian law school, and dozens of camps that touch thousands of families with year-round ministry opportunities.  The EFCA is also active in cross-cultural ministry with over 245 urban-intercultural churches representing some 25 ethnic groups.

A summary of the approach to Christian living that the EFCA embraces is “we major on the majors and minor on the minors.”  Our Statement of Faith summarizes the essential doctrines of historic Evangelical belief (link to the Statement of Faith), but we welcome humble dialogue with all Bible-believing believers over non-essential points of Christian doctrine.  We encourage all who fellowship with Harvest to build bridges to our culture and to nurture a Christian lifestyle that makes us relevant and sensitive to the many needs of those in our community.  We enjoy freedom with responsibility.

To learn more about the EFCA please see www.efca.org.